Bonus image

Of course, everyone gets to see the image…Anyway, this is Yukiko, probably not long before she was transported away to apocalyptic Japan.  Didn’t know she was a photographer’s model.  She didn’t tell me that.  *shrug*

(Image is copyright © 2022 Nathan C. Brindle, all rights reserved.)

The Cross-Time Kamaitachi is released

The Kindle e-book is available now, both for purchase and KU.

I am pondering a paperback release. I think the book is too large for KDP POD. But we’ll see; though I doubt it would be ready in time for LibertyCon, in any case.  (It looks like it would be over 600 pages, after I did some fiddling last night.)

The e-book is $4.99 (sorry; it’s half again the length of the longest novel I’ve written previously) or read for free on Kindle Unlimited.

State of the author

The author is mostly stuck at this point after writing over 200 pages about Yukiko and her adventures in post-apocalyptic Japan.  But he’ll get out of that corner he wrote himself into shortly.

Meanwhile here are a few DAZ illustrations. (All © 2022 Nathan C. Brindle, whether marked or unmarked.)

Imperial Consort Yukiko at Court (2073-2074)
Yukiko in lab coat, official photograph for WVBCorp archives (2050 or earlier)
The Miko meets Yukiko (2055)
Yukiko in Japan Imperial Defence Forces uniform as Honorary Commander, Yamaguchi Prefectural Militia (ca. 2100 AD)

Something I’m working on

She is a character in a “related novel” in the Timelines Universe.  If you’re following me on MeWe you’ve seen some of this…but, in the meantime, “shall we dance?”

I did not land here intending to be a warrior, but a warrior I so soon became . . .

One moment, Dr. Yukiko Yamaguchi was in her high-tech singularity research lab in California, busily adjusting an electronically-leaky fitting playing hell with her instrument readings.

The next moment, she was falling through space, and landing hard in a wilderness area she would quickly discover was her family’s ancient stomping grounds in Japan – but with an apocalyptic twist.

A hundred years later, there would be legends of a great yōkai, a demon, whom some called a kamaitachi – a sort-of whirlwind, weasel-like creature with blades for claws, which catches up unwary humans and slices their skin.  But this kamaitachi is no ordinary yōkai – rather, she is

The Cross-Time Kamaitachi

Still work to be done on this figure, but I like how it’s going.

New Seasons short story: Autumn’s Smile

I just pushed the button on a new Seasons short story/novella and it’s available on Amazon now.

“Maybe it won’t be so difficult to believe someone who used to be a pagan Norse Valkyrja, and still acts in the capacity of a Norse semi-demi-hemi god at the orders of Odin All-Father, is going to tell what’s more or less a Christmas story…”

The former Valkyrja Sigrdrifa, now the very American pioneer wife Sarah Randall — who just happens to be the Queen of Autumn — tells a story of the historical Deep Snow in the American Midwest of 1830-31, as she and two other former Asgardians attempt to control the runaway heavy weather that began in the fall of 1830, while out of the woods come four children from a neighboring homestead with their own tale of woe.

Will a visit by the Ancient Wanderer cheer things up as the Solstice approaches?

Will Autumn yet smile?

In case anyone is wondering

I’ve published a couple of updates to The Lion in Paradise — mostly they were typos or MLIs (Momentary Lapses of Intelligence) and don’t really affect the story per se.  Calling Delaney a Major when she was a Colonel at that point was probably inexcusable, though.  And I know it’s 5.56 NATO, my fingers just didn’t type that; they typed .556 NATO.  The latter, if it were real, would probably be a much better calibre, anyway.  But it’s not real, so oh well.

And if you knew how much time I spent proofreading the damn thing and still missed those errors, well…it just is what it is.  We’re trying to move, there’s an HR crisis at work, and I’m just.  Fucking.  Tired.

So anyway…how’s life in the clean world?

Another BTW, and it’s a bit of a spoiler, so you’ll have to highlight it to read it:  If you read the first half, you know Ariela has an adopted daughter in addition to the two of her own.  If you’ve read the second half, you may be scratching your head at the adopted daughter’s absence.  There is a reason for that, and it’s as simple as the adopted daughter is on al-Saḥra’ pulling duty with the SFM at that time. Don’t worry, though; she shows up again in the Epilogue.

And that’s all I have at the moment.  Book’s live, go buy it or read it on KU.  Thanks 🙂

The Lion in Paradise is released

Actually it was released last night, per my previous post, but there were a couple of extremely minor typos and I refreshed the manuscript this morning.

All Col. Dr. Ariela Rivers Wolff, M.D., Ph.D., USSFM – the Lion of God – wanted was a little piece of paradise to call her own.

Being stuck on a desert world – even if she was the CO of the premiere battalion of the 1st U.S. Space Force Marines that was based there – was not getting her any beach time. Mostly because, without an ocean, there’s really no beach at all.

But she’s got a fix for that problem.

Now, if only the academics studying the problem of terraforming the exile world of al-Saḥra’ would get out of her way . . .

. . . and if only the religious fanatics who want their planet left as a desert, despite all the water from the planet’s former oceans being accessible only a few miles down, will leave the terraforming project alone long enough to see the good it will bring them . . .

. . . then, the Lion would truly be in Paradise.

But even in paradise, black clouds – and black ships – can herald danger . . .

Updated state of the author

Still Indiana.

But The Lion in Paradise is finished in draft, is in edits, and I hope to have it published in e-book format soon.  The paperback, if anyone other than myself is interested 😉 will come sometime later — I have a move to deal with and it’s going to be at least a month before things die down enough for me to bother formatting a paperback.

State of the Author


Oh.  That’s not what you thought you’d get here 🙂

The Lion in Paradise is rolling slowly along.  The book is divided into three parts, each set at a different time period.  The first part is about half done.  The second part is nearly done.  The last part (which is a longish epilogue divided into three chapters) is finished.

Yeah, I write things out of order.

The next Seasons short story, Autumn’s Smile, is stuck in the middle while I frantically try to figure out the rest of the plot; I know where I want to go, it’s what happens in the middle that’s breaking my brain.  I may leave off TLIP and concentrate on finishing that, since it’s a Christmas story, and even though it’s July, well, Christmas is coming.  Yeah, I know.  Pagan Norse gods in a Christmas story, written by a Jew.  Sue me.

Too bad I don’t make real money off writing.  I could quit my job (or, in a few months, theoretically retire) and sit around all day trying to figure out what to write next.

In the meantime, the lady, the cats, and I are looking for a new place to live, since my mother (who owns the house we’ve lived in for the last 16 years) is booting us out in favor of my sister.  Oh well.  Would be nice if she’d done that earlier, when the housing market wasn’t utter crap.  (I do not have a good working or filial relationship with my mother, and haven’t for years, so that explains most of that.  If it were up to me, I’d up stakes and move to Fort Wayne, where the kids and the grandkids are, since I can work from anywhere, but my wife is still working at a job that isn’t exactly telecommuter-friendly — hard to teach swimming and do aquatic therapy via Zoom — and won’t retire for at least another two years.)

On the other hand, downsizing in anticipation of moving to a smaller place is somewhat refreshing.  It’s just all these books…Maybe I should open a used-book storefront and sell off all my old paperbacks on Amazon…

In fairness, we own a condo we could move back into (after evicting the friend who’s been renting it from us for the last decade), but we’d prefer not to do that for a number of reasons — one being the friend, the other being it has only one bathroom and we’d have to cram in at least a tiny half bathroom to make it work.  It’s an option, though.