A Dragon in the Foie Gras — Live!

In addition to The Lion and the Lizard, I’ve got another novella for y’all.

Yep, Captain Delaney Wolff Fox, the cutest operative in the Space Force Marines Intelligence Division, is back for another romp, this time through downtime 2017 Chicago.  Some really good Chinese food is involved.  And a mysterious Chinese girl found in a stasis chamber in an abandoned warehouse in 2101 is why they’ve gone back to find out what the hell is going on.

The answer is, more than anyone bargained for.

This is up, but Amazon is still fiddle-farting around getting it into the series it belongs to.

$1.99 to buy (it’s LONG — well — 30K words if I recall correctly, Delaney is as bad as her Mom and her Grumpaw, she digresses too much), or read for free on KU.