An Omnibus of Seasons paperback-only release

Because I am almost fatally writer’s-blocked at the moment, I put together something I’ve wanted to do for a while — a paperback release of the three Seasons stories I’ve written since 2020.

(Sorry, since this isn’t an e-book, the “preview” button doesn’t actually work.)

This edition contains no new material; it’s basically a vanity paperback release for myself, a couple of my friends, and anyone else who would like to have those stories in paperback.  I think at $6.99* it’s pretty doggone cheap for an Amazon KDP POD release.  Anyway, the cover is The Queen of Spring, and the back cover (not shown here) is The Queen of Autumn, whom we know as Joelle and Sarah, respectively.

The direct Amazon link is .

* Sorry, it was originally $5.99, it’s now $6.99, which is STILL cheap for a POD release.  And I fixed the cover because it was misaligned.