Another short in draft

I have another short story in draft, started it last Thursday, finished the first draft just a few minutes ago after work.  It’s a Timelines story, really a prequel, intended to provide backstory for The Lion of God, and it’s called “The Reason”.  It will follow the release of The Lion of God, which will happen either later this month or some time in July, depending on whether I decide to wait for the new graphics computer to be delivered, or not.

Anyway, “The Reason” is another 11,790 word long short story like “Saving The Spring” (which was over 10,000 words).  Apparently I don’t know how to write a standard short story.  On the other hand, it isn’t edited yet.

The likelihood is that I will put it on Amazon for 99 cents, or read for free on KU.  But again, it will go up after The Lion of God.