Comment Thread

I’m going to open a comment thread.  However:

    • Be nice.  If you can’t be nice, be constructive.
    • Stay on topic; say something about my books.  As political as I am, let’s keep it out of the comment thread unless it has something specific to do with something I wrote in one of my books (or in the various pages lying around this place).
    • Don’t spam.  I spend an appreciable part of my day fighting and cleaning up spam.  Spammers can take their spam and shove it.
    • All comments are moderated; I’ll check them a couple of times a day.  If you spam, or if you’re a jerk, your comment will not appear.  I swing a mean ban hammer.  If you’ve ever been on a mailing list I administer, you know that.
    • Yes, I am a bastard.  You’ve read my books and you haven’t figured that out? 🙂

Comments may be made in this post, below.  They’ll be open for a week, starting as of the timestamp on this post.

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