Cover deSigh

Yes, the title is not a misprint.  SIGH.  I have a mentor who keeps kicking my butt about design.  The cover art I’ve been doing for The Lion of God is in DAZ 3D Studio, and our discussions have been … complicated 🙂  Worse, the more involved the cover vignette has been getting, the more it’s become clear that I need to drop $BIGCOIN on a machine that will actually do the render (and take less than 8 hours to get only part-way through before DAZ stops rendering…yeah, I know, I can set that higher, but I have to use this computer to make real money at my day job).

So anyway, this is where we are with the cover.  Ariela’s face has changed a little, as I stopped fighting with Genesis 8 female characters* and redesigned her as a Genesis 3 female.  This necessitated a change of hair, but I’m happy with it.

The cover…maybe?

The lighting has improved, the three US Space Force Marines who are actually on this recon mission with her are all in the frame now, and she has that fetching maroon beret which still needs to be properly adjusted for size.  Everybody’s feet are at floor level.  I’m playing with adding unit insignia to the Marines’ shoulders in place of that stylized “7” with crossed daggers.  Ari’s jacket may get a caduceus on the left breast (she’s an MD/PHD).

I told my mentor that Ari now looks like a Queen Bitch with her Wolves checking and protecting her perimeter.  Or a Queen Lioness with her Lions ditto.  Depends on how you want to look at it.

The title font is acceptable to me (whether or not it’s acceptable to my mentor is still in the air, but I’m just playing with the design at this point).

The book itself is done, though I probably need to have someone else look at it, and my wife is definitely not interested this time 🙂  Well, I have some other folks I can line up for that.  If I were to hazard a guess, the book will be out around the end of June if I don’t wait for the new computer to generate the cover, or sometime in late July if I do.


* Which purely suck after you work with them for a while.  Any changes you try to make end up taking a minute or two to register, and don’t even try to move her unless you know EXACTLY where she’s going.  My mentor says the same and says he’s sticking with G3 until they get G8 right.