And no sooner do the new books go up than I find two words, one in each book, that’s incorrect.

Well, because I’m OCD, I fixed them and re-uploaded the books.  So if you downloaded before today, you may want to go into Amazon’s “Content and Devices” area and tell it to redeliver The Lion and the Lizard and/or A Dragon in the Foie Gras to your Kindle reader or device.

The error in TLATL is on page 279 of the Kindle edition; the word “reducing” should be “oxidizing”.  I fixed the first instance of the word on page 278 but missed the second instance on page 279.  Mea culpa.  (And nobody’s bought the paperback but me, so we’re safe there.)

The error in ADITFG is on page 54 of the Kindle edition and is simply a brain fart on my part; Delaney’s older sister is named Raven, not Becca — Becca is her great-aunt (John Wolff’s sister).  Again, mea culpa.

With any luck, that’s it.