Hello world!

My name is Nathan Brindle. I used to be a spy. No, that’s not right. I work at a desk. Some of us have met. Some of us have only met virtually.

Some of us…well, don’t know what you’re doing here, but if you’re here because you heard I do some writing in my spare time, that’s cool. Anyway — Welcome to my author site. Since I’m still working on my first publishable story, yeah, there’s not much here. Eventually I will make a real page and there will be real content. This page is just a placeholder. (Yeah, I really do know how to code HTML. Thanks for asking. But this is WordPress now, so yeah, if you’re one of those clowns who wants to tell me how to build a better site, fuck off.)

And if you are a SEO jerk or someone trying to sell me web services, or how to make me #1 Google rank, also FUCK OFF! I probably know more about how to do that than you do.

The potted plants and the rest of the stuff on the front page are just there because they were the default.  They have nothing to do with my fiction.

Or do they?