LibertyCon and books

I will be at LibertyCon 35 in Chattanooga this coming weekend.  I don’t have a table and I’m not a guest, but I will have paperback books (in the new covers) if anyone wants them.  See the price list below.  However, I will have only a LIMITED number of copies, and these prices are good until I run out of them.  The four “short story” book special at the bottom is good only until I don’t have all four in hand anymore.

Also, note that the four “shorts” are priced at Amazon with a minimal royalty to me.  So yeah, I charge a little more for them than Amazon.  Sorry about that.

I’ll also have a few of the books in their original covers — same prices.  Though in those covers all I have are The Lion of God, The Lion and The Lizard, and The Cross-Time Kamaitachi.  (Left over from last year before I finished the others.)

Autographs are always free, whether it’s a copy I sold you or a copy you bought from Amazon.

Major credit cards accepted with Square.  Or cash money of the United States is always good…until suddenly it isn’t, but that’s a government problem, not a personal problem.

Price list Amazon Price
My Price
The Lion of God $15.22 $8.00
The Lion and The Lizard $15.22 $8.00
The Lion in Paradise $18.22 $10.00
The Cross-Time Kamaitachi $22.24 $12.00
The Tale of the Crane Princess $15.22 $8.00
The Reason* $4.75 $5.00
A Fox in the Henhouse* $4.75 $5.00
A Dragon in the Foie Gras* $5.75 $5.00
A Huntress on the Rocks* $4.75 $5.00
Set of the four shorts (books marked with *) $20.00 $15.00

Just look for the old fat guy in an aloha shirt who looks like that guy with an HBO series who can’t finish the books.  Yeah, cruel, but I am a curmudgeon.