New Release: The Tale of the Crane Princess (Updated!)

This took far too long but finally the sequel (sort of) to The Cross-Time Kamaitachi has been posted to Amazon for your reading pleasure.

Ordinary, everyday shopkeeper Horiuchi Tsurue is running a little general store and mini-café on a small island in Japan’s inland sea, two centuries after mankind was nearly wiped out by a virus.

One day, Yamaguchi Yukiko, the kamaitachi of legend (The Cross-Time Kamaitachi), and her daughter Mikoko, appear in front of Tsurue’s shop, and she invites them in for tea.

That’s when Tsurue discovers she is anything but ordinary. And in the end, the island she is sworn to protect will depend upon it.

E-book only for the moment; $2.99 to purchase, or read for free on Kindle Unlimited.

UPDATE, 31 Jan 2023: Amazon KDP Paperback is now available, $14.97. Also, The Tale of the Crane Princess was featured on Instapundit this morning — Thank you, Sarah Hoyt!