Please be aware

If you have obtained a “free” copy of any of my Kindle books from a site other than Amazon.Com, you are reading stolen merchandise.  All of my books are copyrighted (or in the process of being copyrighted) via the US Copyright Office and no one other than Amazon.Com or myself is authorized to provide downloads of free copies of them.

People who do that crap should be hit with a kinetic weapons strike from orbit.

It shouldn’t matter, because any book an author asserts copyright in is automatically protected regardless of registration status, but for what it’s worth:

Name (NALL) < Full Title Copyright Number Date
Brindle, Nathan C., 1959- Dragon in the Foie Gras TX0008957769 2021
Brindle, Nathan C., 1959- Fox in the Henhouse. TX0008936368 2020
Brindle, Nathan C., 1959- Lion of God. TX0008886448 2020
Brindle, Nathan C., 1959- Midsummer Night’s Hunt. TX0008937318 2020
Brindle, Nathan C., 1959- Reason. TX0008936363 2020
Brindle, Nathan C., 1959- Saving the Spring. TXu002190800 2020

The Lion and The Lizard and A Dragon in the Foie Gras are in the queue waiting for the Copyright Office to act on them.

8 Jun 2021:  Amended to add the entry for A Dragon in the Foie Gras.

Bottom line:  If you didn’t get it from Amazon (or shared through Amazon by someone who bought it on Amazon), you’re reading a copy I made zip zero nada on.  And while I’ve said in the past I don’t write for profit, but for fun, the point is, nobody should be sharing my books (or anyone else’s!) on the open Internet for free.

And there’s at least one pirate website that’s going to get a DMCA takedown notice very soon.