Courtesy of my lady wife, lookee what I’ve got hyar.

If Amazon ever gets around to finishing its review of my cover update (as you may be able to see, it’s out of alignment to the right — my fault, I wasn’t paying attention when I put the PDF together, arghh), it will be available from them for $7.97, one assumes plus shipping unless you have Prime or whatever.

By the way, and just to get his off my chest, it really irks me that Amazon is pleased to send me a proof copy at a discounted rate, and then turn around and make me (a Prime member almost since Prime started) pay shipping, so I ended up paying MORE than the cover price for that proof copy in my hand.  But, hey, I’m a curmudgeon, I have to have something to complain about.

Since people have asked, I am working on a way to provide autographed copies, so if you just must have an autographed copy, my advice is don’t buy one right away.  I don’t go to cons much (LibertyCon 32 was my first and only con in thirty-mumble years, and of course we all know what’s happened since then with the WuFlu), so you’re not likely to see me sitting at a table somewhere signing books.  My vague plan is to buy copies myself at the author’s discount and sell them at the cover price plus shipping & handling.  I have no idea what that S&H cost will be and it may vary depending on where you are located.  There will be an online form and payment will be accepted via credit cards somehow.

So . . . hang in there if you want my illegible scrawl in your book.