Saving the Spring, a short fantasy

I’ve just set up the RSS feed from my author blog to my Amazon author page, so this post is to “activate” it, as it were.

I’ve been pleasantly surprised (and somewhat dumbstruck, to be honest) at the reviews and comments received about this little story. It was literally a dream, subsequently written down on paper (or the electronic equivalent thereof). It gave me a break from the novel I’m finishing up, which has absolutely nothing to do with Saving the Spring, and got me re-focused on getting that done.

I’m not sure I have more fantasy like this in me, but if I have another dream like that, it’ll certainly be written down.

Thanks to all who greeted my publishing debut with such lovely sentiments.  They were and are greatly appreciated.

I’ll try to keep up the good work and get you a science fiction novel in June.  It will be titled The Lion of God and it’s…hard to characterize.  Time travel, both linear and sideways, Alcubierre warp drives with singularity generators based on a broken 6-meter ham radio amplifier, six frigates (those with a good knowledge of American naval history will appreciate this), a man with two wives (not really) and a daughter who isn’t technically his (really).  Surprises all along the way.  Even for me — and I wrote it.