So. Autographed paperbacks.

I have eight (8) paperbacks available and ready to ship.  (I had 10, 2 were already spoken for.)  There are also some bookplates available.

The purchase page is linked from “Autographs” on the menu bar, or can be reached directly by clicking here.  (Opens in a new tab.)

Domestic readers (USA only) can purchase an autographed copy for $15, postage paid.  It will ship USPS Media Mail and take 2-8 days for delivery.  There is also an option to ship via USPS Priority Mail (which includes insurance), for $16.50, postage paid.

Overseas readers, well, it’s a little more complicated.  Take a look at the purchase options.  There’s no overseas book rate, so the books have to go First Class at minimum.  There is a difference between prices to Canada and to the rest of the world, and there are two shipping choices for both of them — USPS First Class International, and Priority Mail International.  The overseas postage prices are quite high, in my opinion, but my pricing covers my costs and I make a little for my trouble.  And I suppose if you live outside the US, that isn’t news to you.

(By the way, US Domestic shipping should cover folks who are on APO or FPO addresses, too.  That seems to have been the case for as long as I’ve been sending packages, which is kind of a long time.)

There is also a bookplate for folks who already bought the paperback, or who live overseas where USPS postage rates are ruinous and are able to buy a copy of the paperback much cheaper from their region-specific Amazon website (e.g., for Canadians, etc.).

The bookplate is 4″ x 6″ (10.16cm x 15.24cm). That may seem big, but the book is 6″ x 9″ (15.24 x 22.86cm). I figure you can stick the bookplate on the inside cover. The bookplate is an original DAZ3D render of Ariela standing outside her quarters on the Constellation, and it looks like this (sorry for the tiny marked-up image, but gotta protect my IP, you know?):

Shucks, I’ll even sell bookplates to folks who bought the e-book.  Don’t know what you’ll do with them but whatever you do, don’t stick them on your reader 🙂

Note that my terms of sale are quite bloodthirsty.  Sorry not sorry about that.  I get that from having run membership sales and a shopping cart for a not-for-profit organization for the last 13 years, where I don’t have that sort of latitude, and frankly need it, because people are, by and large, jerks.  Bottom line is I’m sick and tired of online sales BS, so either buy from me on my terms or buy from Amazon on theirs; I’m good either way.  The great secret to my attitude on this is, I don’t make a living from writing and don’t ever expect to do so; it’s just a hobby for me.

Thank you for your understanding.