Something I’m working on

She is a character in a “related novel” in the Timelines Universe.  If you’re following me on MeWe you’ve seen some of this…but, in the meantime, “shall we dance?”

I did not land here intending to be a warrior, but a warrior I so soon became . . .

One moment, Dr. Yukiko Yamaguchi was in her high-tech singularity research lab in California, busily adjusting an electronically-leaky fitting playing hell with her instrument readings.

The next moment, she was falling through space, and landing hard in a wilderness area she would quickly discover was her family’s ancient stomping grounds in Japan – but with an apocalyptic twist.

A hundred years later, there would be legends of a great yōkai, a demon, whom some called a kamaitachi – a sort-of whirlwind, weasel-like creature with blades for claws, which catches up unwary humans and slices their skin.  But this kamaitachi is no ordinary yōkai – rather, she is

The Cross-Time Kamaitachi

Still work to be done on this figure, but I like how it’s going.