The Cross-Time Kamaitachi is now in hardback

The Cross-Time Kamaitachi is now available in a hardback edition, via Amazon Print on Demand.  I’m working on putting the other Timelines novels into hardback as well, but The Cross-Time Kamaitachi took the most work due to the fact that Amazon PoD is limited to books of 550 pages or less.

Since the paperback edition was 622 pages, that meant I had to make some layout changes.  The hardback font is slightly smaller (10.5 point rather than 12 point) and of course the book had to be repaginated.  If you are a fan of larger type, I’d be inclined to say, save money and buy the paperback instead.

The hardback is $23.00 vs. the paperback at $15.99.  That’s just how PoD works; I do all the hard work, hardback printing cost is around $10.00, and out of that $23.00 I get a whopping two bucks, because of course Amazon needs to make its money, too.  But if you really must have a hardback for your collection, there is one available.

Also — you can get a paperback in a couple of days.  Hardback, nah, 2-3 weeks.

Anyway.  There it is, and like I say, the other books will be available in hardback soon.