The Lion of God will have an edited version of Time Will Tell as its prologue

So Time Will Tell will not be released separately…and will not read exactly like what’s on this website.

That being said, I have a cover.  You may have noticed the revised main page header.  Alrighty then.

Not bad for a guy who’d never touched anything like DAZ before about six months ago.  I’m sure I have at least one friend who would snort and say, “LET ME FIX THAT FOR YOU.  PLEASE.”  🙂

So enough playing with the website, I need to get back to writing.

(Minor tweakage to the cover image on 2019/11/14.)

[Revised significantly, 5/5/2020, as was the main page image.  This is closer to what I want, but obviously still needs work.  And my friend still hasn’t touched it yet.]