The Reason (Timelines short story) is published

I said August and I meant August…even if August is tomorrow 🙂 (And strangely enough, Amazon seems to backdate the publication date by one day, so it will say it was published on July 30.)

Oh, and for my one three-star reviewer of The Lion of God who said “too much political proselytizing” — this hasn’t got much politics at all.  So maybe you’ll be safe to read it.*


Kindle-only, available either to buy for 99 cents, or to read for free via Kindle Unlimited. It is being published without DRM.

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* But seriously, that sort of review just makes me think I was right on target.  I figured I’d get complaints about how I (a civilian) handled military subjects.  Or about how there wasn’t enough action.  Or how I was full of shit about how timelines work.  If the complaining is going to be about the pushing of right-wing politics, yeah, I’m good with that.  And if you think that was bad, man, you should have seen the stuff I left out.