Working on something a little different

I’ve been working on a picture book!

No, really.  It’s a book called AI 愛 is Love.

The blurb:

AI 愛 is Love is a collection of 65 images made using Artificial Intelligence tools and methods. Each image is the author’s loving reimagination of his wife at various stages of her life, using old photographs and digital models and post-processing software, not to mention plain old-fashioned skull sweat coming up with prompts to feed the MidJourney AI in the first place. While the author cautions his readers that his wife actually doesn’t look entirely like the lovely ladies depicted (mostly because they all have long straight or wavy hair), he does wish to make clear that all of his love for his beautiful lady wife has been poured into the book which you now hold in your hands.

The wraparound cover:

Because this is the first time I’ve done something like this, I’m waiting for a proof copy to be printed and sent to me, which is supposed to be here by Wednesday.

In case you are scratching your head at the title, it’s because when I was discussing this project with some folks on Discord, the obvious title came to me:

“Oh, I figured out a title for the possible book. ‘AI is Love’. Because 愛 (ai) is ‘love’.”

Yeah, it just happens that “AI” (the initials of Artificial Intelligence) can be twisted back to “ai” (which is the Japanese noun meaning “love”).

As anyone who’s read my writing knows, I love a good pun.

So this book, for anyone who just MUST have a copy of it, will be available in paperback only, via Amazon, and it will be $30.  Believe me — most of that is Amazon’s share.

I’ll put up another post when the book is available.

10/27/2023:  I effed up in counting; there are only 65 images, not 75.  Mea culpa.  Post has been updated with corrections.