This page may eventually have more planetary maps for the Timelines series, but for right now the only maps I have are for al-Saḥra’.

How’d you do that?

All maps are made with Planet Generator ( ).  The maps made with the generator are for free use, modification, and reproduction, both for private and commercial use.  My copyright extends only to the use I’ve made of the generated maps (that is, my unique markup), not for the maps themselves; I don’t want to argue about how “substantial” my modifications are 🙂

Maps of al-Saḥra’

Scale:  The lines of longitude are 15° apart, and at the equator, that is approximately 60 nautical miles (69 statute miles) per degree.  (Thus, it is approximately 1,000 statute miles from First Water to the insurgent caves at the continental shelf.)  You can convert to kilometers at your leisure, but why?

Latitude is simpler; a degree of latitude is always 60 nm (69 mi) no matter what.

The Molleweide projection used here makes it look like latitude differs as it gets farther from the equator as longitude does, but that’s a limitation of the projection.  The distance represented by a degree of latitude never varies.

In the desert maps (well, and in the terraform maps as well), the elevation changes depending on how dark the coloring is.  I have chosen to interpret the dark purple/blue as below “sea level”; the Great Rift, for instance, is quite deep.  The greyish areas in the main continent where Jadida and the Grand Mosque are located are high elevations, but I also choose to intrepret them as high, arid plateaus.  This will make more sense if you read the books 🙂

Color map of desertified al-Saḥra'.
Color map of desertified al-Saḥra’. (Click to enlarge)
Color map of terraformed al-Saḥra'.
Color map of terraformed al-Saḥra’. (Click to enlarge)
Black and white outline map of al-Saḥra'.
Black and white outline map of al-Saḥra’. The map lines are “sea level”. (Click to enlarge)
Closeup map of al-Saḥra' during the action in Part I of <i>The Lion in Paradise</i>.
Closeup map of al-Saḥra’ during the action in Part I of The Lion in Paradise. The map lines are “sea level”. (Click to enlarge)