The next story is called The Lion of God

and it will be serialized here at some point (probably when it’s done, it’s only 8700 words at this point.  But I posted a couple of snippets on Facebook yesterday and today so it’s only proper that I post them here, too, in case anyone is actually looking at this site.

So here we go.

Snippet #1:

“You talk about the time stream as if it’s alive,” objected Ariela.

Wolff chuckled. “Oh, that’s because we’re pretty sure it is,” he said. Von Barronov nodded agreement, and Wolff continued, “It’s not sentient, it doesn’t think – or at least, we don’t think it does. But it has certain properties that make us think of it as a living entity. If you poke it hard enough, well, poke it in a metaphysical sense, I suppose, it certainly reacts. It has a sense of self-preservation that is pretty well developed, again, so far as we can tell. And that’s what seems to kick in when we try to approach a significant nexus, like the Kennedy assassination, or 9/11, or the Long Beach nuke and the subsequent Transfenestration of Qom, and so forth.”

Transfenestration?” Ariela looked puzzled.

“The insurgents didn’t bother to open the windows, first.”


Snippet #2:

“We’re going on a reconnaisance mission,” explained von Barronov. “Buford wants us to sneak up on one of those ships, board it, and see what’s what.”

“And he’s lending us five Marines to do most of the seeing and whating,” added Wolff.

“Armed Marines, one assumes.”


Hunky armed Marines?”

“Honey, they eat crayons.”

“So?” asked Ariela. “I ate paste when I was a kid.”

Hang in there.  I’m slow.

Snippets from “The Lion of God” are copyright © 2019 by Nathan Brindle. All Rights Reserved. Don’t fuck with my copyright.

Edit, 5/5/2020:  I won’t be serializing The Lion of God as it’s turned into a 75,000 word novel, and will be on Amazon if I ever manage to finish it.