A Midsummer Night’s Hunt

A Midsummer Night’s Hunt
Novelette (approx. 72 pages according to Amazon)
“One Hour Read” (really about 1:30)
Genre:  Fantasy
Published 29 Sep 2020

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Thirty years ago, Jack Randall hit a critter with his truck while driving in northern New Mexico, and mangled it so badly he couldn’t tell exactly what he’d hit. But he knew it didn’t look human.

Now, Jack and his wife Sarah have been called back to the area because some sort of creature is killing sheep and cattle on the ranches, and a Navajo resident who remembers Jack’s encounter thinks Jack might be an expert on the subject.

Of course, Jack and Sarah aren’t what they appear to be…and it will take all of their special skills, and those of their friends Rufus and Joelle, to get to the bottom of the problem.

The second story in the Seasons series, following Saving The Spring.

A novelette, about 18,000 words (72 pages).

Cover art by the author.