An Omnibus of Seasons

An Omnibus of Seasons
Paperback-only collection, 133 pages
Genre:  Fantasy
Published 3 Jul 2023

[Please note that this book collects the three Seasons stories previously published individually in e-book format — “Saving The Spring”, “A Midsummer Night’s Hunt”, and “Autumn’s Smile”. There is no new material; this edition is intended only to provide a physical paperback alternative.]

Despite Ragnarok, gods still walk the world.

Odin All-Father still cares for his human children. And at his order, Midgard is protected by four surviving Asgardian “royals” who control the climate: The Queens of Spring and Autumn, and the Kings of Summer and Winter.

Loki the Trickster hates Midgard, wishing it to freeze over and become more Cold Lands. Challenging the King of Winter to single combat, his malignant trickery is responsible for the New Madrid earthquakes in 1811-12, the Year Without a Summer (1816), and the Deep Snow of 1830-31.

Can the other three royals combine their powers to prevent the world from falling into another (and likely permanent) Ice Age?

“Fans of Alma T.C. Boykin and Tom Rogneby will love this short story. It begins as a road trip with a couple of middle-aged snowbirds (well-armed ones) and turns into a fight for life, honor, and the immortal love of a lady as old as time. The plot is delightfully clever, the action fast and furious and you will love the main characters as they forge a new destiny.” — L. Paul, reviewing Saving The Spring