Autumn’s Smile

Autumn’s Smile
Short story (approx. 44 pages according to Amazon)
“One Hour Read”
Genre: Fantasy
Published 1 Jan 2022

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“Maybe it won’t be so difficult to believe someone who used to be a pagan Norse Valkyrja, and still acts in the capacity of a Norse semi-demi-hemi god at the orders of Odin All-Father, is going to tell what’s more or less a Christmas story…”

The former Valkyrja Sigrdrifa, now the very American pioneer wife Sarah Randall — who just happens to be the Queen of Autumn — tells a story of the historical Deep Snow in the American Midwest of 1830-31, as she and two other former Asgardians attempt to control the runaway heavy weather that began in the fall of 1830, while out of the woods come four children from a neighboring homestead with their own tale of woe.

Will a visit by the Ancient Wanderer cheer things up as the Solstice approaches?

Will Autumn yet smile?

The third story in the Seasons series.

A novelette, about 11,000 words (44 pages).

Cover art by the author.