Suggested Reading Order

(Updated 3 Jun 2024)

hangs head I wrote some things out of order.

[much extraneous angsty bullshit redacted. – ed.]

So yes, there IS a suggested chronological reading order for this mess, and here it is, for clarity:

    1. The Reason
    2. The Lion of God
    3. The Lion and The Lizard
    4. A Huntress on the Rocks
    5. A Fox in the Henhouse
    6. A Cleric in the Kitchen*
    7. A Dragon in the Foie Gras
    8. The Dragon’s Sister
    9. The Lion in Paradise
    10. The Cross-Time Kamaitachi
    11. The Tale of the Crane Princess
    12. An American in Iya*
    13. The Lion and the Darkness
    14. All Precious Stones and Peoples*
    15. The Lion and the Logic*

(Books marked with * are either in progress or haven’t been started yet.)

And I promise, my name is NOT George RR Martin, and I am GOING to finish all of this before I die.

Of course, all bets are off if my Seasons characters start rampaging through my dreams again.  Thankfully, those don’t take all that long to write…

(Update, 20 Dec 2021:  I added the new Delaney novella, A Huntress on the Rocks, in its correct chronological order.   This one sprang up like a late-season hurricane and powered across the Atlantic, into the Gulf, and all the way up into Indiana in only 15 days…and was not planned to be written in any way.  It just…happened.  But it’s a needed puzzle piece for the as-yet unwritten All Precious Stones and Peoples.)

(Update, 16 Jan 2023:  I have added the two Timelines Universe Novels, The Cross-Time Kamaitachi and The Tale of the Crane Princess, where they fit.  However, they’re in a completely different timeline, so they can be read separately.  But in linear time, that’s where they go.  The Cross-Time Kamaitachi actually fits roughly in between the two halves of The Lion in Paradise, which is hard to indicate in that list.)

(Update, 3 Jul 2023: Added The Lion and the Logic, which I think will be the last novel in the main Timelines series.  Also The Dragon’s Sister, which fits in right before The Lion in Paradise.)

(Update, 28 Nov 2023: Added An American in Iya, not yet written of course though it is three chapters in, which is a sort-of sequel to The Tale of the Crane Princess, much as Tale was a sort-of sequel to The Cross-Time Kamaitachi.  I find myself oddly drawn to the strange Timeline 1287 Left Sub 6, for some reason…anyway, An American in Iya will likely be a full novel-length story.)

(Update, 3 Jun 2024:  Both The Dragon’s Sister and The Lion and the Darkness are complete and have been published.)